Who we are ?

SAEQSA is a firm pertaining to the group of companies CLE gr., dedicated to the chemical industry. The task of SAEQSA within this group is the supplying and distribution of raw materials.

CLE gr. belongs to the chemical sector, with plants in Madrid, Zaragoza and in the Pyrenees, which, along with our distributors located in all the capitals of Spain gives us a national scope and coverage, having made our group numerous services in the rest of Europe and North Africa.

This group of companies understands from the formulation of products in our laboratories, for concrete applications and according to the necessities of our clients, to the bring out to the market, happening through the creation, packaged and distribution, incorporating in these services from raw materials in cisterns or containers to reagents in amounts of grams or milligrams by package.

CLE grp. also carries out investigation workings constantly thus to improve their products day to day, and carries out the putting in the market of their products by means of the most novel techniques, being our group of companies one of first of Spain in using methods of telemarketing.

Our rigorous controls of quality allow to a total homologation of our products as well as those of our suppliers.


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